Customizable Schedules

Retrieving schedule reports has never
been easier
Each report may contain up to 20
point-pairs of your choice
Option of having weekly reports
e-mailed to you and your colleagues
Reports available in HTML, PDF or XLS
Get started now or Read more (PDF)

Country Specific Schedules – Monthly (PDF Files)
UK to Asia
Shanghai to Asia, Europe & USA
Vietnam to Dubai
Vietnam to Europe
Vietnam to Mediterranean
Vietnam to Mexico
Vietnam to USA
Region to Region Schedules – Weekly
  • View key origins, destinations and multiple services at a glance
  • Six-week timeframe ideal for planning
  • Available in print-friendly PDF format
  • Get started now
We serve more than 25,000 locations in 140 countries around the world.

Advanced features available with a HomePort ID:
QuickRoutes – A customized list of port-pairs you use frequently.
Initiate a booking request directly from a schedule. Customizable –
Access only the trade lanes you need

  • Asia-Europe(via Suez)
  • Australia
  • Intra-Asia(within the Far East, Middle East and Subcontinent)
  • Latin America(to/from South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean)
  • Middle East
  • Europe-North America(connecting Europe and Mediterranean to North America)
  • Asia-North America(connecting Asia to Canada, Mexico and the United States)